143 Riverwalk Place, Box 759, Rockwood, (Guelph/Eramosa), Ontario, Canada

1- 519-856-4143

Contemporary visual artist specializing in pastel and acrylic painting


Feel free to contact me to visit my work in person.  To see photos of other paintings,  CLICK HERE: https://www.facebook.com

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John has studied with a number of well-known Canadian and American fine artists, and hopes to have integrated their teaching into his own distinctive style.   An award winning artist, John has had several successful solo shows, resulting in requests for commissions and similar shows.  His paintings are now being collected locally, across Canada, and internationally. In 2017, John was honoured to have one of his paintings published in the New Zealand Artists Magazine.  In 2019, several of John's paintings were added to the Wellington County Museum and Archives for their permanent collection.


Preferred Medium and Style

John specializes in contemporary art and fine arts.

John works mostly in acrylic paint and soft pastel, with the occasional forays into mixed media.  His style is best described as "naturalism" which seeks to represent reality, not in the hyper-realistic way of photography, but in the way that the human eye and brain actually perceive the world.  Thus, areas outside the main focal point may be soft-edged and indistinct, just as they are in our peripheral vision.  He is influenced, as well, by the effects of light so well conveyed by the masters of Impressionism.  



John enjoys travelling, working in his garden, and history.  Many of his pieces are directly influenced by these influences.  John's gardens have been published in two gardening magazines in the past few years.   When they travel, he and his artist wife, Gail,  are constantly looking for scenes which they perceive have  painting potential and/or enjoying historical architecture.